For every expression of the Christian church, there is a creative, worshipful component that is as varied as the number of cultures that represent the Christian faith itself. None are without worship to The Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit. Fellowship Worship Residency invests in ministries and lives of the men and women who are called to help steward the expression of Christian worship around the world. If you are called to be a worship pastor, then this program could be a gateway to your future in serving Jesus.

  1. Staff-Level Commitment

    Each worship resident serves with the accessibility, accountability, and expectations of a member of the Fellowship Bible Church staff. Residents are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that brings honor to Christ and their faith community. Through generous giving, intentional community and faithful service, residents will do their best to bear fruit for the kingdom of Christ.

  2. Ministry Participation

    Every resident will be expected to serve in all aspects of the worship planning and services for Fellowship Bible Church at the request of staff leaders and the residency director.

  3. Required Reading Journal

    Residents will be required to read the books on a reading list, be prepared to write a general review of the book and lead a discussion about its contents.

  4. Theology of Worship

    Residents are required to demonstrate a clear understanding of biblical worship and the theology behind why worship is an essential part of Christ’s church. Residents will do so by submitting a 5-7 page paper on the theology and practice of worship in the Christian community.

  5. Private Music Lessons

    Residents will be required to take a weekly private voice and piano or guitar lesson with a professional teacher.

  6. Retreats and Conferences

    Residents will be required to attend all retreats and conferences during their year-long residency program.

  7. Mid-Term and Final Juries

    Each resident be required to participate in a formal evaluation process at the mid-term and final of the residency where the resident will lead worship for a panel of their teachers and peers.

  8. Final Project

    Residents will design and produce a worship service that draws on the Biblical and creative foundation laid out during the Fellowship Residency year.

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