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Is FWR Right For You?

Carl Cartee
January 13, 2017

How can you tell if FWR is a good fit for you? See if these five descriptions apply to your situation!

  1. You're confident about your calling to worship leadership and you're willing to take the journey from anointing to appointing.
  2. You know that random investments don’t accumulate value quickly and you’re ready to start consistently taking steps of faith to mature in your faith and calling.
  3. You see the gap between what you're called to do and the opportunity to do it.
  4. You've found yourself in a place where you can't grow unless your environment changes. And you know that bearing fruit is always proceeded by giving a plant a healthy place to grow.
  5. You desire personal growth in musicianship, discipleship and relationship.

If you identify with any of these descriptions, you’re a great fit for FWR. The environment here is full of potential and for those who are ready to tap into it, it will be life changing. Apply today @

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