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Leave Something Behind

Carl Cartee
January 13, 2017

I met for breakfast for years with some fellow worship leader friends to talk and pray. One meeting, my friend Jeromy brought all of us a copy of a devotional book that had become special to him: “A Guide to Prayer For All God’s People”. He told us about the book and that it had brought some excellent perspective into his devotional life. I loved getting that book because, more than ever, receiving a book means my life is about to change and my mind is going to grow. This book, however, came with an extra special treat.

When we got up to leave the restaurant, a lady at the table next to ours stood up, she got our attention and pointed to our copies of the book. She was beaming with a huge smile. You could tell that she had a secret and she could not wait to let it out. She took the copy of the book from my hands and said, “I heard you guys talking about this book and I just wanted you to know that my Dad is the author.” She was glowing, proud and probably filled with the same emotions that all of us have when we are unexpectedly surprised with joy. That experience marked me. How many memories could I make by being a man my sons will love. How many more could I make by living a life that leaves a treasure behind. A treasure of the Kingdom , an incorruptible, eternal inheritance. I want to live that kind of life. I want my kids to be proud of me. I want your kids to be proud of you. Let’s live so that can happen. Live to leave something eternal behind. Something that points the way to eternity.

And finally, for Mr. Ruben P. Job: Thanks for writing your book of prayer. If you were wondering, your daughter is really, really proud of you.

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